Cargo freight

Our successful expertise in the freight road transportation field entitles us to provide customized services, by a perfect combination of professionalism and the attention we give each client in particular. We are capable of providing each time the best solutions for freight transportation and we guarantee the same level of performance in any market situation.

MPS Logistic provides freight road transportation services both nationally and internationally. Our experts will assist you in filling in the documentation and will help you draw up required paperwork should same not be available.

MPS Logistic gives you the possibility to forward huge quantities of products, given our 20t-capacity vehicles (of any type: refrigerator truck, tarpaulin truck, isothermal trucks and platforms). Our services provide you with the possibility to export goods from Romania to any country in Europe. Our company carefully analyses the application and requests regarding freight transportation to be carried out, and MPS Logistic experts subsequently develop an optimum route to follow and provide on-time delivery at an accessible price, thus considering all possible situations.